Three Questions

1. Is there anything sweeter than the sound of a son’s running the lawnmower?

2. The best part of attending the recent Boys Schools Conference in NZ  was spending time with folks from schools in Australia and New Zealand, countries where even the best boys schools (If there is such a thing) have non-selective admissions. That is, all a parent has to do is register a boy for a school, and he’s automatically accepted. When I explained that schools like UCC reject far many more boys than we accept, one hearty Australian blinked in disbelief and asked, “But isn’t that a form of academic apartheid?”

3. When I went on to explain that independent schools are often judged by their students’ performance on standardized tests, and that this was one of the reasons the admissions process was competitive, another asked, “Isn’t that a bit like a doctor asking for the hospital to send him healthier students, so that the institution can have better results?”


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