Patriot Games

As luck — or the International Boys Schools Coalition — would have it, I am flying across the Pacific on this, the 4th of July, the very day that my favourite dictator, North Korea’s very own Kim Jong Il, has announced he will launch nuclear tipped missiles towards Hawaii.

While I consider myself as patriotic as the next guy, I am earnestly hoping to avoid “the rockets’ red glare” during this particular holiday.

If I make it in one piece to the Boys Schools Conference, I promise never again to either raise my eyebrows at wickipedia reports claiming that KJ routinely scores multiple holes-in-one during golfing trips or to indulge in any more sophomoric “bad hair day” jokes at the pride of Pyongyang’s expense.

I’m note sure Patrick Henry would approve, but then again the great Virginian never flew 18 hours in coach.


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