Response to Messier

A colleague sent me this yesterday and gave me permission to post this response:

“I wanted to share with you one way I try
to give perspective to the boys in I teach at the Prep.

Before they get their exams back, I tell them that this is one mark,
in one subject, on one test. I remind them that it does not measure
their worth as a friend, or their sense of humour, or their kindness.

I jokingly say that when I host a dinner party, my friends do not say,
‘That was a level 2 party. The dessert was a level 4, but
overall you could have done better.’

I remind them that if they achieve a mark they are happy with, they should feel good about their success- in that subject, and if they are somewhat disappointed, they should reflect on what might have gone wrong. But either way, high or low, their mark does reflect who they are as a person, nor does it determine their level of success in life.”


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